Coming off three weeks of travel to some far off and in between family favorite spots, amongst those we hit Charleston, SC. Devner,CO. & Central/Southern coast of California seeing foreign faces and some familar places. We started off by getting a week of frigid and fresh powder in the rockies. Then shooting to Charleston to get some fresh southern hospitality and oyster heaven. Then ended up visiting the hometown of our legend below here, photographer and NY daily special Jeffery Jones. Who introduced us into one of the talented shapers based out of costa mesa, california, shaper/creator Tanner surfboards. And couldn't happen been a wrap of good friends without seeing our Japanese business parter and surf ambassador, Ken --> (Look for a new collab. between JJ x MAI-DEA coming soon for Japan's finest)  Took a train up the central coast and met up with east coast holmie where the film finally jammed and couldnt report anymore 35mm, but its best that way, when theres nothing but waves, nobody really needs to see where your at. All of this and more makes us gay dolphins. Here are a few clips from the trip